Holidays with Kids – The Farm, Byron Bay

Having a holiday house at Casuarina Beach I am keen to explore the local area and there was a lot on my hit list in Northern NSW; Bangalow and the local markets there, Hastings Point is a favourite, Pottsville is gorgeous, Kingscliff a regular haunt and of course, Byron Bay.

BLOG - Hastings point

The inlet at Hastings

Lucy and her cousin Imogen very happily exploring the Bangalow Bakery.

I must admit it was a bit hectic the weekend we visited Byron, such a miss -match of types, very interesting people watching but quite busy and missing that laid back vibe possibly due to us trying to duck in and out of intermittent rain and manage a toddler!
We did however enjoy a top notch meal at The Eatery on Johnson, which we literally happened upon by chance and I can recommend for a great little burger, croissant, coffee and there was colouring in to keep the little one occupied (winning)!

And the reason I have sign posted ‘The Farm’ is not a strange Orson Wells reference but rather as we were driving out of town we spotted the well known establishment by that very name and made a plan to visit.  I had heard about ‘The Farm’ through a friend form Melbourne actually who had bought her husband the Cookbook from the restaurant there, Three Blue Ducks – quite famous I guess but i was out of the loop, obviously, and that needed to be rectified.

To find out more about our little trip to The Farm, check out my blog post on the Holidays with kids site – honestly a brilliant excursion for families or food lovers, we’ll definitely be back and be taking friends.  Enjoy!

BLOG - The farm.jpg

And let me know if you have any recommendations for places to visit in Northern NSW or South East Queensland – particularly if they are suitable for a characterful toddler to blast through.

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