A New Writing Adventure

As time runs through my fingers like sand through an hourglass I am trying to build as many sandcastles as possible, enjoy the little moments with my daughter whiles she’s still little, seize every opportunity and enjoy life in the process.

It’s been a busy few months recovering from the trip of a lifetime and a new writing adventure has materialised blogging for Holidays with Kids magazine online of course, so please do take a look at some of my ramblings over on their site if you’re interested in taking a little one to Italy, specifically the Cinque Terre?  Or maybe it’s a sojourn to London that’s on the itinerary?  Or maybe just get distracted by the other much more brilliant and eloquently written blogs you’ll find on the site, and the deals and inspiration to book your next family holiday?

Where’s next for me, I’ve had a few note worthy local adventures of late as I’m trying to embrace the ‘holiday at home mentality’ exploring Brisbane, which I have to say proudly is a pretty cool place to live!  Though I think a weekend away with the husband somewhere flash like a Spicers Retreat or something, still local-ish might be calling my name in the not too distant future, let’s call it a belated Valentines treat to ourselves or just a treat just because, any inspiration or recommendations warmly welcome.


Photo credit – Jane Gilbey photography

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