Another day, another country – Macau day trip 

I’m always up for an adventure so when I was planning to catch up with friend and The Flying Winemaker host, Eddie McDougall I decided to forgo the easy Hong Kong rendezvous and instead opt to meet him on his home turf in Macau.

I’d never been to Macau and couldn’t think of a better reason to visit a new country, add to that Eddie’s six month old son Hugo was over there waiting for cuddles and I was sold!
Catching the ferry to Macau from Hong Kong is pretty simple. We opted for the turbojet, bought tickets upon arriving at the terminal and we were off. Ferries leave regularly during the day from both the Kowloon and mainland side so there’s no need to plan too far ahead, just turn up. 

We did have to buy a ticket for Lucy because any child over one needs a seat but it wasn’t that expensive (around $20AUD one way) and Lucinda loved the novelty of her own seat.

Eddie picked us up from the ferry and whisked us off to The Galaxy Casino, where his gorgeous wife Frederica works. 

Fact one about Macau is it’s a gamblers heaven.  The practice is legal there since the Portugese ran the place and it has been able to retain the practice since China took the reigns back in the late 1990s even though gambling is illegal in China. That means a lot of gambling tourisism and some serious high rollers! Not us of course, we were there to catch up and eat delicious food but it’s all very interesting (to me anyway, sorry if you’re snoring, if you’re still reading then hooray!)

Some more interesting Macau trivia is that foreign companies like the Venetian have set up shop there and other big Vegas brands, and while it might not look like it has anything over the famous neon lit Vegas strip The casinos in Macau clear profit several times more than the U.S. Gambling Mecca. And it seems to me like it’s just getting started. 

But back to baby’s day out and right next door to the famous Venetian is the towering Galaxy Hotel and Casino, and those towers are multiplying-  full of casino floors, restaurants, shops and of course accommodation.

We headed to a traditional Chinese Yum Cha restaurant that I think it would have taken me half an hour to navigate to myself but luckily we had a guide (who looked very at home pushing his pram around). 

Delicious is an understatement! Plus I love when someone who is well versed in Yum Cha, or any foreign cuisine for that matter, orders for me. 

I wish I had taken more photos at lunch because the food was divine (thank you Freddie and Eddie) but I was juggling a toddler who was having way to much fun playing with, rather than eating, her food and I trying to consume as much as physically possible (Aka stuffing my face)! Mmmm so good.

What wasn’t so amazing however, was Lucy’s rather unladylike nappy explosion, and my rookie mistake of deciding to change her in our private dining room because there were no baby change facilities close by. Quote of that day from Freddie, ‘I think that’s the first time I’ve seen a naked baby in a Chinese restaurant!’
Oh she’s all class my Lucy (notice the outfit change after these pics, lucky I had a spare!)  

She did have a lot of fun though and loved playing with little Hugo, even going in for a kiss. I think he was just mesmerized by the larger than life crazy Australian kid, and Eddie definitely thought she was a laugh.

After lunch it was off for a bit of sightseeing, so Eddie dropped us at nearby Taipa village for a stroll.   

Fact two, Macau was settled by Portugese and retains a great deal of its Portugese heritage from architecture to street signs and official documents still being in Portugese.

   Taipa village was one area where this was clearly evident. We didn’t have long to explore because it was hotter than hot and I had an overtired baby who was not going to succumb to sleep in her pram but it was beautiful for the short time we were there, definitely worth exploring!

  (Finally gave in, for ten minutes in the cab on the way back to the ferry!) 


  • Always bring at least one change of clothes!
  • Be prepared to cut and run- there’s a big limiting factor with little ones and that’s sleep. We pushed Lucy’s sleep routines a lot but I think sometimes you’ve got to read your child and know when enough is enough. They are resilient little things but I think any parent knows when they are getting to the end of their little tether and sometimes I think it’s just not fair for them not to get the rest they need. So I’m just resolved to the fact that travel is different now, we can do so much still but there’s a point where enough had to be enough (no pram sleep time win this time).

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