Just add a baby – it’s a whole new worldwide adventure

Chasing Amy - Lucinda's first photo shoot

So it’s been a long time in between drinks, or posts, or maybe both but that doesn’t mean amazing adventures haven’t been had (just maybe that sleep deprivation caused by a gorgeous, but ever so needy, little bubba meant any spare minute I could use to stare at the back of my eyelids was capitalized on… and some days or weeks it really only felt like minutes).

Chasing Amy - Lucinda's Birth announcement

I’m no homebody though, so from the time little Lucinda Louise came into my world there was no keeping bub and I locked in the house; there was coffee dates and concerts, weddings, parties, photo shoots and that was just the first two weeks!

Chasing Amy - Lucys first wedding at 9 days old

At just two months old we were off on a plane to Fiji with my extended family. Then a month later it was a trip to Melbourne.

Chasing Amy - Lucinda in Fiji

Long story short, we get around.

While I might not be producing TV full time anymore I am in charge of the most interesting, rewarding and heart melting reality show, This is her Life, staring my very own little bundle of joy.  I get to plan (kinda) how each day will unfold and the experiences that behold this beautiful little person I made.

A strange way to look at it maybe but also quite amazing, right now I’m making all the decisions – actually scrap that, she may only be a year old but as any parent knows that’s old enough to have a good idea what she wants and doesn’t want to do so while I make decisions many are often rejected by my little boss. But at least I get to choose the scenarios, new places to visit, sights to see; as simple as a sunrise or as intrepid as going to the home of pizza and pasta for a European vacay.

Amy and Lucinda - miniature farm animals

Lots to see and lots of stories to share, I might have to embark on a flash back Fridays or alike to jump back in time and recount tales of previous explorations but as for now intrepid international adventures really do await. Not just Europe but Asia and the UK as well!

A family trip around the world, it sounds so fancy when I put it like that but honestly for now I am just anxious to get through a very long transit on our way to the UK. Luckily we have a stop over in Hong Kong planned, which means Disneyland, the worlds cheapest Michelin Star restaurant (yes baby is going to eat Michelin star dumplings at just one year old), a day trip to Macau and whatever else we can cram into a few days.

Then the onward transit – I don’t want to think about just yet.

I’m packing an arsenal of distractions and entertainment but I feel there will be a hole worn in the carpet of the plane from the many many laps I will be doing chasing my very active and inquisitive daughter around the aircraft. Wish me luck!

Chasing Amy - Lucinda turns one

Side note: I can’t believe I am now mother to a one year old, it still takes me back every now and again. She has turned my life upside down that’s for sure, but it’s been in the most amazing, although often exhausting, way possible! Now to find out what real international travel is like with a toddler, not just a trip, not just a resort visit but travel – adventure awaits!

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