TV Premiere & sneak preview of The Flying Winemaker

There’s finally an air date! 22 July The Flying Winemaker will air on Discovery’s TLC, Travel and Living Channel in Australia. Then the show will roll out across Asia including Taiwan 25th July at 10pm, China and SE Asia 15 August at 5:30pm!

Get a sneak peak of the show here:

It was an amazing journey and I can’t thank the phenomenal team at TPD Media and WD Entertainment enough for all their work, and of course the main man himself Eddie McDougall.

13 Eps, 8 countries, countless bottles of wine enjoyed and new friends made.  We journeyed to Ningxia, China to toast award winning Asian wine, found new discoveries in Taiwan and inspiring winemakers in India, popped the cork on old vintages in Hong Kong and sampled Japan’s best local drop, caught some waves and new world wines in Indonesia and strolled the vineyards in Thailand – and that’s just the beginning.

It’s not all about wine, it’s about the adventure along the way, the people, the cuisine, the experiences of these weird and wonderful locations.  Like the tale of time and temperature, of mastery and mixology enveloped in a glass of wine each location has a unique story and that’s what the Flying Winemaker is all about.

Amy peel and Eddie McDougall bts The Flying Winemaker

Now I’ll try and take my mummy hat off to catch up on all my behind the scenes blogs, pics and videos to reveal what happens when we head out on location.

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