Wine, wine everywhere and not a drop to drink

It’s like a traffic jam when you’re already late… well you know the song and an ‘isn’t it ironic’ moment hit me in a big way right before I got on the plane to India for one of the biggest trips of my career.

About to embark on the journey of a lifetime to film international series for Discovery Asia Pacific, The Flying Winemaker, a show about exploring new world wine regions across Asia, popping the cork on some of the best bottles around and tapping the barrels of some of the most prized drops from top international winemakers… and drinking was off the table.

Two little pink lines on a test and it was real, I was pregnant, I was so excited, I was getting on a plane to Bangalore the next day!  Timing as they say is everything and what an adventure I was in for but I was up for anything and ready to take on whatever I was going to be faced with.

Happy Crew, The Flying Winemaker

The cameraman, Buzz and Ian, knew my caper before we’d checked in at the airport, they were brilliant but I must say turning down glasses of some exquisite reds was a bit more of a challenge and masala in everything is an interesting culinary experience for any Indian visitor, let’s just leave it at that.

As a producer I’m a planner, a problem solver and ready for any challenge put it front of me, this was an interesting one.

I really have to thank the crew; the camera guys, host Eddie and our very understanding guides along the way who were amazing and understanding.  Another story in the mix of many on the road tales of traveling and making TV, as they say the show goes on and there was one heck of a show to be shot!

BANGALORE_Camera Crew for The FLying Winemaker BANGALORE_On top of the World

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