Mind Blowing Chinese Food & a BTS VIDEO: Wine Tasting Magic

Hands down the best Chinese meal of my life, a meal unlike any other, if you think Chinese food is about ordering number 23 lemon chicken and fried rice then think again.

Filming The Flying Winemaker at Flower Drum

I am constantly learning working on The Flying Winemaker, learning about TV, yes, as we tackle this amazing project with a small close team but also learning so much about food and wine.  It’s true to say, I love to eat and don’t mind a wine or three but I am far from a connoisseur, I actually just had to spell check the word to learn how to spell it!

I am one of those people that get intimidated by fancy restaurant menus sighting some fantastical ‘jus’ or a French word I can’t pronounce nor try to understand what it means.  But I love learning, speaking to experts or enthusiasts to find out more, pick their brains and open mine, so it was interesting to hear from Tony Tan, our Asian food guru and guide for Eddie, our host, as part of a segment on Asian food in Melbourne.

Pearl meat and TGallant Pinot Gris divine

Tony took us to the renowned Flower Drum restaurant which he believes is definitely one of the best Cantonese dining experiences in Australia let alone the world. Where they take traditional Chinese methods, combine them with the best of Australian produce, like pearl meat (yes there is meat in the shell) Wagyu, barramundi and alike, and produce simple yet extremely complex dishes.

The master Anthony Liu at Flower Drum

They are not shy of awards here, hats and gongs, plaques and plates are displayed proudly at the entrance and rightly so, it is nothing short of amazing.  They are also on top of all things wine which is a big reason we chose to film there.  I can’t simply say more to you than, ‘go there’ if you are in Melbourne it’s somewhere you shouldn’t miss.

And now for a special behind the scenes look at what goes on when filming wraps , the conversation flows from our not so fancy crew. Check out this sneaky little vid:

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