Man + Wild: Survival Training

Forget Man vs Wild survival training with Bush Lore Australia is all about working with nature, using the resources around you AND it’s also about being mentally tough. As creator and SAS trained Rich Hungerford says, ‘survival is a state of mind.’

For an upcoming ep of our South East Queensland lifestyle show we ventured out to the picturesque Conondale to meet Rich at his training site and film a fast tracked beginners survival class.



The region is a beautiful slice of the south east.  Coming up through the Glasshouse Mountains and Maleny I decided I need to come back for a weekend up here. Maybe a Spicers Tamarind which we’ve featured on the show before, or our cameraman recommended Secrets on the Lake. It will happen!

Back to the story and survival 101. Rich says priority one is shelter, especially in Queensland shelter from the sun, the rain and in winter getting out of the cold. We made a simple lean-to canopy and covered it simply with heaped grasses, debris method it’s called and quite effective for a short term structure.


We also learnt a bunch of other useful techniques for survival, from water procurement to fire making but what got me was the importance of mindset. Rich told us about how it’s integral to keep busy, to have a routine. That building a fire is about heat, cooking, purifying water and signaling for help but it also gives a sense of achievement and comfort.


There’s something refreshing and invigorating about being out in the bush, blanketed by green. When the boys were making their shelter I joked that it’s every young boys favorite pass time to make a ‘cubby house’ and I really think there’s something in that. It’s something we’ve all done, and it’s fun. Though honestly I was a little glad that we weren’t on the full weekend course where the group sleeps overnight in the shelter that they build and then they fend for themselves (with Rich’s expert guidance of course).  I do think it would be an amazing experience if you are a keen outdoor explorer or even for a father and son to share.


Lots learnt and it’s really only the tip of the iceberg, Rich has 20 years experience with Army and Special Forces Training- he’s one of the guys that chooses SAS recruits- so he’s got a lot of wisdom to impart and if you love the outdoors its a life changing experience. I personally love that my job lets me meet such a variety of amazing and intriguing people- next thing to prepare for, a trip up to Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay!!

Bushlore Australia run a variety of different bushcraft courses from a weekend to a week, from beginners to wild warriors.


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