Whale Watching on the Gold Coast – 2012 top stories

Looking back on a year of stories and shoots around Queensland and around the world, here are some highlights:

Whale Watching with Sea World on the Gold Coast

Late May/early June sees the start of Whale watching season on the Gold Coast as the annual migration of Humpbacks passed by the glitter strip on their way north to calf.  We headed out to film a story for our great South East Queensland Lifestyle Show on Sea World’s Whale Watching tours.

It was my first Whale Watching expedition, I had a brief encounter with whales during a trip to the outer reef on a shoot a few weeks prior and I was keen to get a more up-close and personal point of view.  Honestly I was gunning for a breach, I wanted to see these huge creatures bigger than a bus and weighing up to 40 ton throw themselves out of the water and crash back down with grace and ease, well I guess the grace of a highly skilled belly flop contest… maybe it’s not grace… call it a cannonball … called it a double pike inversion… call it what you wish, it’s impressive and I wanted to see it.

Whale Watching

Now I’m going to come clean, I was working so taking photos wasn’t my first priority, I missed the first breach, talking to our host as she was about to begin an interview as the live  show started in the distance.  That was it, our cameraman Aaron had his eyes on the sea and with sheer determination he was going to get a clear steady shot.  Now this is not a simple task , moving boat, lots of people craning for a good view but on our side was Sea World’s state of the art vessel with 3 levels of wrap around balcony’s and the guide who could almost predict where the whales would surface next.

Aaron working hard

Then it’s time to wait, eye peeled, looking for any movement, following the under sea movement trajectory, people joked that it was whale waiting not whale watching but we didn’t have to wait long.

The breach

Magic, awe inspiring, breath taking –  it’s all of that and more to see whales in the wild.  The sheer size of these amazing mammals and how they glide through the water with such ease just blows your mind.

Don’t think that Hervey Bay is the only place to see whales in Queensland, for me that’s one pod of whales spotted just off the Whitsundays and two whales off the Gold Coast.  So confident are Sea World that you will see whales when out when them during the season they have a money back guarantee. But thank fully we were more than impressed with the show – 3 breaches and yes I got one on camera!

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