Food Glorious Food – Hong Kong’s insatiable appetite

Like a New York of the East in Hong Kong, in the city centre at least, it seems to me that no one eats at home.  Cook tops are untouched, fridges are bare but come 12 noon every eatery, restaurant, stall, table with a hot wok around town is packed with hungry customers.

There are so many places to eat and cuisines to choose from it’s astounding to see the daily migration that fills these venues to the brim, actually overfills, there are lines around the corners for the good places, people waiting to get the best Vietnamese pho or Japanese Ramen, dumplings in demand and people pining after pork.


In Hong Kong people are passionate about what they eat.  It’s like the hobby of every local and visitor, to eat, to indulge, to find the new trendy place, the traditional favourite and I wanted to try as many as I could.  For dumplings I visited Wang Fu’s which was amazing, probably not so fo rthe waistline but it was fresh fast and oh so tasty.

Pork Buns in Hong Kong

Next on my priority list was some steamed pork buns for which Hong Kong didn’t disappoint.  I found a ton of places around the Temple Street Night markets with brilliant street food, honestly I wasn’t keen to try the fish balls or intestines that are hugely popular.  After eating pigeon and toad, I wasn’t too adventurous but I did fall in love with the mango sago and coconut smoothies on sale on every other corner, like a twist on a bubble tea it was refreshing yet hardy with the sago at the bottom and creamy with the coconut milk,  right up my alley.

Fish balls anyone?

Out of all my Hong Kong food experiences I’d have to say the Dai Pai Dong we shot at for The Flying Winemaker, Sheung Kee, was hands down the best restaurant (if you can call it that) that I visited in Hong Kong, particularly because it felt authentic, traditional foods and it really had the old character of the city.

Dai Pai Dong Crispy Chicken Dai Pai Dong food

But if we were talking new character, trendy places deck out with nice fittings and a cool crowd then this is my pick-

Nha Trang

Amazing, admittedly Vietnamese cuisine is a personal favourite but this place was out of this world.  I has a few recommendations to go there but was often put off by the big line out the door, i know that means the rumours of the mouth watering menu was probably true, but impatient and busy with lots to do and see lining up wasn’t high on my priority list. BUT when I did plan to go in early and actually got to dodge the line because I was a loner dining for one I understood while hungry hopefuls spents 40 minutes looking at others enjoying their meal before they were graced with a rice noodle salad or the amazing fried rice paper spring roles – divine.  Fresh, flavoursome with the right amount of kick and crunch.  I want more.


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