The Peak Hong Kong – vlog

Note to self, be more entertaining, relevant and informative. Well I’ve got to start somewhere and I wanted to test out the whole video diary/video blog so here are my thoughts when I was on the top of The Peak Hong Kong. (yes it has been a long time since posts but trying to get Final Cut working on my mac book was a wrestle that nearly made me hurl the computer into the darkest depths of the ocean, but a lesson in patience and google help has triumphed so here we are).

View from The Peak

Perched high above the craziness below the view at the Peak is noting short of awe inspiring, looking across a city of millions as it disappears into a haze of seemingly never ending  metropolis.  A jungle of skyscrapers and a unique mix of modern and antiquated.  Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the big players in the global business world with fancy towers full of big wigs and big money, but the multi million dollar real estate is built up on bamboo poles, and construction and repairs around the city is not done with scaffolding but these humble raw materials, methods that have used long before the Hong Kong we know know was ever thought of.

I remember chuckling to myself when, in this high flying city technologically advanced as is, a saw a credit card imprint being taken by placing a piece of paper over the card and rubbing the raised face with a biro to reveal the details – like you used to do with coins as a kid.  No chip card readers, not even carbon paper but I guess it did the job and somewhere between wifi and a carrier pigeon it made sense.

And I guess that’s what I found all day as I explored the strange juxtaposition of old and new that makes up Hong Kong.  The sparkling new IFC mall complete with designer shops and international chains like, and yes the reason I was there, Zara, and right next to the Starbucks and Apple Istore is the Star Ferry, a time honoured icon in the city that began running back in the late 1800s.  Across the harbour in Kowloon on one street is Chanel and Dior and on the next a street vendor selling intestines on a stick.  That’s what surprised me the most and what sticks in my mind, the irony of old and new, east meets west, tradition and trend… that of course and the amazing food…. and the shopping.

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