Winning! Making $$$ at Happy Valley, Hong Kong

As the shooting in Hong Kong for The Flying Winemaker wrapped up it was time to bid adieu to KC as he had to return to Brisbane for another job with TPD Media.  Wes and I decided to celebrate a few productive and inspiring days of shooting with an excursion Hong Kong style, it was Wednesday night in the city and that meant one thing for thousands of locals and tourists alike … Happy Valley Races.


Through a contact of Wes’s he secured some tickets to the Adrenalin bar at Happy Valley so we grabbed one of his mates, Jez, and after an absolute mission to try and get a cab we finally made it to the hallowed turf club to witness the spectacle of one of the busiest race tracks in the world.  (Note: there is a train that goes there maybe a better option especially if you’re travelling as everyone’s finishing work.)

Millions of dollars are spend each and every Wednesday at Happy Valley giving hump day a hefty price tag.  And they reckon close to a $100 billion will be pulled in over the racing season which runs from September to July.  Another stat that is thrown out is that each Wednesday more money runs through the hands of the bookies at Happy Valley than is spent each year on Australia’s biggest race meet, Melbourne Cup, it may be true but I can assure you the fashions and fancy marquees are far from Flemington.

It is definitely about the racing and more to the point the betting so I had to take a gamble and it actually paid off, I surprised myself and won a few times but honestly I must credit the girls who were manning the new space age betting table, more like a giant ipad they make betting a game and I definitely got sucked in.  Though to be fair I was only betting between $20HK and $50HK, about $2.50 AUD and $6AUD but when you get that $200HK  pay out – about 25 bucks AUD,  you do feel like a high roller, well I did anyways!

Wes and I - we won!


  • Head to Happy Valley on Wednesday and part with $2.50 to take a punt at one of the busiest racetracks in the world
  • Do ask locals for help, they live and breathe this stuff
  • Take the train to Happy Valley, or go early, cabs are cheap but will take a long time!

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