… and so it begins

Blogging is something I’ve been thinking about for a while so to begin with a cliché there’s no time like the present.

I want to share my journey, travel tails and tips, pics and perspectives, people and places…  use of alliteration in my first post, tick, my English Teacher sister would be proud.

Getting to the nuts and bolts of what this blog will hopefully be about and basically it’s my travels. As a lifestyle TV producer my job takes me to interesting places to meet new people each and every week so there’s lots to share.  From a new restaurant in Brisbane or cool coffee shop on the Sunshine Coast to exploring further afield in Queensland maybe cruising holiday in the Whitsunday Islands or heading outback to the Mt Isa Rodeo, there’s lots of stories from the road to share and handy info and insight for those who might want to replicate similar activities or trips.

Personally I have always loved to travel and outside of my working life I’ve been on some great adventures and there are many more to come.  As well as looking forward I want to look back at a few places I’ve been, share the travel resources that I spend so much time preparing for trips and friends always ask me for; my travel bibles are like a personalised Lonely Planet guide books (well I’d like to think so anyway) at least they make a good read for the plane.

Photography is something I’m learning about, I’m slowly getting the confidence to venture away from automatic mode on my Canon 60d and venture into the world of shutter speeds and apertures.  I love snapping up a storm at work and at play so I am excited to have a forum to share these photos, maybe some motivation to step up my skills.

Anyways so that’s how I’m kicking it off, not professing to be any type of literary genius at all just calling it as I see it and staying on the ride as long as I can.


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